Alwoodley Community Centre Indoor Car Boot Sale

Boot Sale Name: Alwoodley Community Centre Indoor Car Boot Sale
Location: The Avenue, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS17 7NZ

Alwoodley Community Association Indoor Car Boot Sale on 2nd Sunday in the month. It is an Indoor Car Boot Sale from Sept - May (except January).

Please phone or email to book a table/pitch. 07710 283321

Refreshments available breakfast rolls tea/coffee etc.

Bar opens 12 noon..

Start time: 8.15am
Pitch Fee: £5

Start time: 9.00am
Entry Fee: Free

Contact Details

Free parking available.

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Bill said...

Just attended the 13th Oct 2013 sale, as a seller. I'm afraid that I must concur with Graham. At one point the sellers were outnumbering the buyers, 3 to 1. It seems that the few people that did come as buyers, had short arms and deep pockets. The only people that made any money at all were the community centre.
Most of the sellers didn't even make enough to cover their stall fee. I know this as a fact because I asked most of them.
The tables are extremely small, and crammed together to try to get as many pitches as possible. My wife and myself feel that we would have profited more by just staying in bed. At least we wouldn't have been out of pocket.
The car park is too small, and owing to the fact that there was some kind of youngsters football coaching session going on, the car park was filled with people who were going to that, and not the boot sale.
This has to rank as one of the most dismal car boot experiences I have ever had, and I have done a lot of car boot sale, both as a buyer and as a seller.
I will not hesitate to put this post on as many sites as I can, in order to help prevent other people making the same mistake that we did!

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