Brief Welcome

May I firstly welcome you to the Car Boot Journal website. At the time of writing this I am both quite excited and nervous, I doubt that (even given the months of preparation) everything will go to plan and I do expect a few spells of frustration. Thankfully I have had my fair share of frustratingly bad days selling and buying at boot fairs to prepare me for such!

I intend to have the first issue (the October edition) ready to download at the end of this month, of course at the time of posting this that day is still a few weeks away so may I suggest that you follow us on facebook or twitter (buttons to do so are located on the right hand side of the screen) so we can inform you when the journal is ready to be downloaded.

I would also like to highlight that we intent to improve both our website and journal over the future months. If you have feedback, be it anything from a layout suggestion or a spelling mistake, then I would hugely appreciate hearing it (see the 'contact us' page).

Once again may I say thank you for visiting our website, at the end of the day it is you the user which will make this website a success. If you would like to help us then please spread the word about us as much as possible. 


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