Stonham Barns Traditional Car Boot Sale

Boot Sale Name: Stonham Barns Traditional Car Boot Sale
Location: Stonham Barns, Pettaugh Road, Suffolk, IP14 6AT


Stonham is a friendly venue with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. If you have been put off by the buyers that try to get into the boot of your car this is the place for you. We are a much more civilised affair. We are a genuine Weekly Traditional Car boot sale where sellers can set up in peace. We are open all day so, there is also no hurry to finish. Sellers can arrive from 8am but, we have the space if you arrive later (acres). Buyers 9am onwards. We are a new venue but growing every week and we are receiving excellent feedback from all that buy and sell. The local community have really taken to the Car Boot and come to buy and with all the events at Stonham we are acquiring more and more buyers. We do attract the genuine once in a blue moon sellers so, there are often some great bargains. Come and see for yourselves and remember we are still offering discounted selling. £3.50 a car load, £5 a van, £7.50 a large Van. Beat that.

We are a new Car Boot but, It seems that we have gone so far, so quickly. Everyone that goes to the Suffolk Car Boot at Stonham Barns must be impressed with the venue as it really has something for everyone. The Car Boot itself offers everyone a very organised and stress free day and if you have the right items a profitable one.

I would like to say a big thank you to the regular Buyers and Sellers as we wouldn’t have been able to grow the way we have without you. We are growing every week and attracting more and more people to Stonham Daily as everyone really enjoys their day at Stonham.

We have had a good run of events at Stonham and are in the Summer season on the Tourist route through Mid Suffolk. The Car Show in August was very successful with over 600 cars on show will have brought a whole range of people to Stonham that haven’t been before so, we are picking up a new crowd of people every week and that is on top of our normal crowd and the visitors to the numerous attractions at Stonham (see below).

Cars: £3.50, Cars/Trailers £5, Vans £5, Lorries £7.50.
Sellers: 8am   Buyers: 9am onwards. Every Sunday
CAR BOOT SALE at Stonham Barns – Pettaugh Road IP14 6AT.
Once through the main gate you will be directed left into the field.

OLD FASHIONED CAR BOOT. A very civilized and friendly venue with a calm atmosphere.
Sellers have done well weekly and praised the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the local buyers and in fact the venue. If it’s a nice day the place just lights up and there is so much to do and see at Stonham.

Stonham Barns is a very popular venue with a crowd of it’s own visiting the shops and attractions. There is everything from Golf (practice + 9 hole course) to an Owl Sanctuary. Other attractions include an Antique shop, Toy shop, Jewellery and Fashion, Fitness Centre, Reptile House/Pet shop, Sheds/Log Cabins/Greenhouses, Post Office, Bed Shop, Gardening Centre, General Stores, Home and Cane, Hairdressers, Equestrian Clothing, Dog Training, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Design and of course my own Vintage Furniture and Fabric Shop. In addition to this there are regular shows and events at the showground. Check Stonham barns for events and also a Holiday Park.
There is also a bouncy castle and slide (50p use fee), Crazy Golf and a permanent children’s play area as well as permanent toilets and showers. Because of the nature of the venue the Stonham Barns Car Boot Sale can run till 5pm if you can last that long.

We are also free to enter for buyers.

There are also fishing lakes, a Livery and a restaurant. There are also lovely walks around the complex. For further information contact Simon Tilley on 07817 539168 but, just turn up.

Average number of sellers: 80

Start time: 8am
Pitch Fee: £3.50 - £7.50

Start time: 9am
Entry Fee: zero

Contact Details
07817 539168,

If you haven’t been to Stonham read on. I have tried to capture the scene of Stonham but, it’s difficult to describe the special feeling of Stonham. I have been to many Car Boots and I have tried to capture a little bit of all of them in Stonham. The overall idea is that we maintain a very relaxed and stress free Suffolk Car Boot. We have particularly targeted one off or infrequent Car Booters as we know how enticing this is for the Buyers. The feedback we receive from buyers and sellers is extremely positive. I think that the real success of it is simply that we aren’t just a Car Boot and it’s really pleasing to see the crowds moving from attraction to attraction. A prime example of that was Last Bank Holiday Monday when it rained and the Car Boot ended quite promptly. Instead of leaving a few of the sellers went off to the Owl Sanctuary whilst a few others went to look round the shops in the Antique Square. I hope that anyone reading this will do exactly the same when they come.

Stonham is a well known site and easy to find. Follow my Car Boot Signs from Junction 50 or 51 of the A14. See you Sunday at 8am every week.


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