A message on behalf of Ilkley Cricket Club

Dear Patrons Thanks for your support this summer – a term I use loosely! We have suffered a number of cancellations which has the bain of my life …..and yours I imagine.

Despite this we have done quite well although not as good as last year. You may wonder what we do with our income from the boots. Well this year even before the season started we had to replace our mechanised ­­roller – which is a necessary piece of kit to get a good playing surface on the ‘square’ – that area of the ground cordoned off in the middle! A bill of £8500 and that was a second hand roller! Therefore we have been unable to improve anything else – those that have been attending for a while will know that we have dramatically improved the clubhouse. I am hoping to know 2013 boots in early December – it is only then we can get dates from the local authority.

I appreciate that access and egress from the ground is not easy – we have considered another opening but legal fees as well as the cost itself means this is not really possible at the moment. To date we have not had an incident and I thank you for your patience when coming or going! All the best for the rest of the year and look forward to seeing you all next year when a warmer / drier summer must happen – it surely cannot be any worse than this year!!



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